Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Album Review: 'Love is the Great Rebellion' by Ben Lee

Title: Love is the Great Rebellion (Amazon, iTunes)

Ben Lee's tenth proper album Love is the Great Rebellion is an indie pop rock masterpiece. Over his 20+ year career Lee has gone from playing in the Dinosaur Jr./Lemonheads influenced band Noise Addict to playing catchy as hell acoustic guitar driven indie rock/pop to producing two experimental concept records. With Love is the Great Rebellion he returns to form, playing catchy pop songs, written on an acoustic guitar, singing about love and the result is spectacular. These songs are honest and heartfelt and driven by Lee's passionate view of the world and the importance of love in the grand scheme of things. In fact, it is very possible that this is Lee's best work to date and it is easily his best work in the last five years. Love is the Great Rebellion works on so many different levels with songs that will worm their way into your head and lyrics and themes that are powerful and touching, shining a bright light of hope on through the dark clouds that have been hanging over the world in recent years. Love, kindness, compassion—these are the things that can heal the world and Ben Lee brings out that hope and majesty in song so perfectly. This is a monumentally important record.   

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