Sunday, June 14, 2015

Album Review: 'Gold and Stone' by Eternal Summers

Title: Gold and Stone (Kanine Records, BandCamp, Amazon, iTunes)

Eternal Summers' fourth album Gold and Stone is a collection of 10 shoegazery '90s throwback dream pop tracks driven by quiet and fuzzy guitars, lush melodies, and singer/guitarist Nicole Yun's breathy and dreamy voice. From top to bottom, this is a very good album. Eternal Summers have honed their craft since forming in 2009 and the result is a record that harkens back to an era just before and at the very beginning of the alternative rock explosion when bands like The Stone Roses, Pixies, My Bloody Valentine dominated 120 Minutes and bands like Blur, Lush, and Nirvana were first starting to make waves. Not everything about Gold and Stone is nostalgia and that is why it works. The album is filled with beautiful melodies and great pop sensibilities making the sound nostalgic and timeless all at the same time (depending when you grew up, Eternal Summers can remind you of everything from the Mamas & Papas to Lush to Gold Motel).

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