Monday, May 04, 2015

Single Review: “Let The Boys Be Girls” by Two Cow Garage

Title: Let The Boys Be Girls (BandCamp, Amazon, iTunes)

Tow Cow Garage's latest single “Let The Boys Be Girls” is a poignant, tour de force of songwriting perfection. The song touches on elements of frustration, desperation, and yearnings of being free, perfectly expressing the tension in the air in modern-day America.
We are the sons and daughters of children
we're all just figuring it out as we go
we were born to fill a void inside our confused parents
and then we're left here to die all alone
And we found out god was a knock-knock joke
when we answered the door, there was nobody home
aren't you glad I didn't tell you the nonsense the fed us
all about forbidden fruit
They sent us off to schools, and factories, and wars
to teach us its okay to die, as long as we're poor
then you tell us not to tread on you,
in the land of the free and the home of the depraved

Singer/guitarist Micah Schnabel then drives the point home with a gentle gasp –
These are the things they never tell you
these are the things I've had to learn on my own

The power of “Let The Boys Be Girls” is in the subtle imagery that perfectly paints the picture without beating the listener over the head.
So let the boys be girls and the girls be boys
we can all fall in love, we can all get destroyed
we don't need old, rich, white men to tell us
who we can kiss goodnight
Cause we can listen to Slayer or we cant just get stoned
we can teach ourselves it's okay to be alone
we can start our own bands in our basements
we can break up citing creative differences

These are the things they never tell you
These are the things I've had to learn on my own,
all on my own

The song ends with an uplifting crescendo that screams to the heavens that all hope is not yet lost.
So let's forget world wars, and government crooks
we can write our own novels, and history books
we can call this a new beginning
we can write our own soundtrack's this time around

Two Cow Garage has always had a way with words, capturing heartbreaking and passionate emotions and sentiments in their lyrics, driven home by the perfect musical accompaniment, but they have truly outdone themselves this time. “Let The Boys By Girls” is certainly the front-runner for song of the year, if not the decade. If this song is any indication of the EP that is to come, then hold on to your hats because Two Cow Garage is just getting started and may very well become the most important band in the world.

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