Sunday, May 24, 2015

K98X The Fringe Podcast: Episode # 4

1.  "James 5" by Riot Squad (from Riot Squad)
2.  "I Remember" by Bully (from Feels Like)
3.  "Best Guess" by Der Faden (from Best Guess b/w Filaments)
4.  "Grenadine" by Mixtapes (from These Are Us)
5.  "Young Girls" bi PINS (from Wild Nights)
6.  "Anchors" by Above It All (from The Better Side EP)
7.  "Show Me Mary" by Catherine Wheel (from Chrome)
8.  "Here It Comes Again" by Gumball (from Super Tasty)
9.  "Truly" by Jabber (from Jabber/Science Police Split)
10.  "Honey" by Kid Wave (from Wonderlust)
11.  "Shapeshifter" by Sweet John Bloom (from Weird Prayer)
12.  "The Fortunate Ones" by Annabel (from Having It All)
13.  "Maybeing" by Armchair Martian (from Hang on Ted)
14.  "Something" by Crimes (from Crimes)
15.  "Maybe" by The Feels (from Dead Skin)
16.  "Synthesized" by The Epoxies (from Stop the Future)
17.  "Feel Like Running" by Chris Marshall & The August Light (from Some Kind of Dream)
18.  "Trixis" by Ratboys (from AOID)
19.  "In The Meantime..." by Red City Radio (from Red City Radio)
20.  "Want You Around (Chunky)" by Great Cynics (from I Feel Weird)
21.  "Dirty Ben Franklin" by Ex Friends (from Rules For Making Up Words)

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