Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Album Review: 'I Feel Weird' by Great Cynics

From the opening chords of “Want You Around (Chunky)” it is glaringly obvious that I Feel Weird is something special. Simply put Great Cynics third full-length album is outstanding. The band has perfected their catchy as hell mix of punk, power pop, and early 90s indie rock influences into a sound that is infectious and fun, filled with the hopeful spirit of youth as seen through the wide eyes of young misfits. Taking on the topics of love, awkward relationships, and love, Great Cynics spin incredibly earnest and honest tales that speak straight to the heart of anyone who has been twenty-something, in love, and an outsider. Front and center on I Feel Weird is the Billy Bragg-esque crooning of guitarist/vocalist Giles Bidder, but as an added bonus, the record also includes two songs with bassist Iona Cairns taking vocal duties. Cairns first took lead vocals duty on last year's split with Munice Girls on the brilliant “Scarier Area” and now her alluring and sultry vocals are on full display on “North Street” and “I Know Nothing.” From top to bottom I Feel Weird is a brilliant record comprised on 11 top-notch, relentlessly catchy songs with pop hooks that go on for miles (and a guest spot from Cheap Girls' Ian Graham donating his vocal stylings for a verse of “I Went Swimming” just for good measure). This album is a must for fans of the likes of the aforementioned Cheap Girls, Candy Hearts, Broadcaster, The Thermals, The Lemonheads, and Buffalo Tom. In other words if you like catchy indie punky power pop, the Great Cynics is the band for you. Needless to say, this is one of my favorite records of the year.   

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