Sunday, April 19, 2015

Album Review: 'Red City Radio' by Red City Radio

Title: Red City Radio (Official, Amazon, iTunes)
Artist: Red City Radio (Official, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace,, Wikipedia)

Red City Radio's self-titled third full-length album is a record that displays a deep musical and lyrical growth. Following the departure of guitarist/co-vocalist and founding member Paul Pendley in 2014, the band was joined by former Nothington bassist Ryan Donovan on guitar. The change in lineup has certainly had an effect on the band's sound but the roots of this new direction were more than amply laid on their previous record Titles (plus singer/guitarist Garrett Dale's solo material also dropped a few hints about RCR's future sound). So what exactly is different? Red City Radio's earlier records were high octane punk rock that pulled generously from the likes of Dillinger Four and Hot Water Music. On Red City Radio, the band has dropped the earlier pretense of cryptic lyrics for straight forward personal tales of love, struggle, and life. Sonically this record is a tad slower and far more rock 'n' roll than previous releases but the spirit of punk rock is still front and center. The easiest way to describe these changes is to say that this record is far more The Tim Version and Nothington than Dillinger Four and Hot Water Music. The end result is a powerful punch to the gut that touches the soul and leaves the listener singing along while pumping their fist in the air. Red City Radio is easily the band's best release to date and is one of, if not the, best record of 2015.    

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