Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Album Review: 'High on Tulsa Heat' by John Moreland

Title:  High on Tulsa Heat (Official, BandCamp, Amazon, iTunes)

John Moreland’s sixth full-length album (his third solo record) High on Tulsa Heat is a pristinely beautiful ode to home through the lens of loss, heartache, hope, and grief.  Moreland has an uncanny knack for putting words to those deep and often dark emotions that we all bury down inside.  He also is storyteller like no other, using the metaphor of storms to tell the turbulent tale of a rocky relationship in “Cleveland County Blues” but does it in such a brilliant way that the metaphor could as easily apply to the spring storms that often rage through Oklahoma, and that is just one example.  From top to bottom, High on Tulsa Heat is a powerful record that displays its majesty through its simplicity, heart, and depth.  Following up 2013’s brilliant In the ThroesHigh on Tulsa Heat masterfully proves, once again, that John Moreland is the single greatest songwriter alive today. 

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