Friday, February 13, 2015

EP Review: ‘High On Drama’ by Noise By Numbers

Title:  High On Drama (Jump Start Records, BandCamp [Jump Start], Amazon, iTunes)
Artist:  Noise By Numbers (Official, Facebook, YouTube, BandCamp, MySpace,, Wikipedia)

Chicago, IL punk rock super group Noise By Numbers follow up their brilliant 2011 full-length Over Leavitt with the equally excellent EP High On Drama.  The band continues with their signature Midwestern melodic pop punk indie college rock sound that is equally nostalgic, modern, and timeless.  Noise By Numbers is the kind of band that would sound perfect next to ‘80s college rock, ‘90s indie and punk, and modern bands like Beach Slang, Restorations, and The Copyrights.  High On Drama is six insanely catchy songs filled with great melodies, catchy hooks, and a Lemonheads cover that is to die for.  Boasting members of Dan Vapid & the Cheats, The Methadones, Textbook, The Bomb, and All Eyes West it would be physically impossible for this band not to rock and rock they do.  High On Drama is a must for fans of Sugar, The Replacements, Broadcaster, Cheap Girls, Great Cynics, Husker Du, or any of the aforementioned bands. 

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