Thursday, January 29, 2015

Album Review: ‘Chronicle’ by Lights & Motion

Title:  Chronicle (Deep Elm Records, Amazon, iTunes, Wikipedia)
Artist:  Lights & Motion (Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud,, Wikipedia)

Lights & Motion’s third album Chronicle is simply stunning.  The record is lush and vibrant with magical crescendos and haunting melodies that evoke a wide range of emotional responses.  The sound of Chronicle is epic and vast taking in the depth of a star-filed night-time horizon with its perfect mix of orchestration and traditional rock ‘n’ roll instrumentation.  What’s amazing about this record is that its grand scale comes from the mind and talent of one man, Gothenburg, Sweden’s Christoffer Franzén.  Franzén has single-handedly taken the sub-genre of cinematic post rock to new heights with Lights & Motion and especially with Chronicle.  This music begs to be the seen and heard on the big screen and hopefully someday it will.  

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