Sunday, December 21, 2014

Top 30 Records of 2014: Honorable Mentions

A lot of great music came out in 2014.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to keep up with it all or give some records the time and attention they deserved.  These are some of those records.  At various points throughout the year I found myself listening to songs off these releases on while my MP3 player was on shuffle but for whatever reason I never really sat down to fully digest these records (with the exception of one that is a fantastic single that just barely didn’t make it onto my Top 30).  I’ve also included a playlist that I made on Spotify for these releases. 

  • Soul And Fire Is All We Ever Need by Protectors
  • Teeth Dreams by The Hold Steady
  • A Thousand Surfaces by Hard Girls
  • Mocking Love Out of Nothing At All by Gentlemen Rogues
  • Nervous Like Me by Cayetana
  • The Voyager by Jenny Lewis
  • Die on Stage by Hostage Calm

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