Friday, September 26, 2014

EP Review: ‘Storm Watch’ by Shallow Cuts

Title:  Storm Watch (No Idea Records, Amoeba Music)
Artist:  Shallow Cuts (Facebook, BandCamp)

Boasting members of Dear Landlord, Dan Padilla, and Madison Bloodbath and hailing from San Diego, CA, Shallow Cuts delivers a stellar EP in Storm Watch.  With a sound that is catchy as hell, pulling from the best of punk, power pop, and straight up rock ‘n’ roll, Shallow Cuts’ debut is a timeless piece of perfection.  From the opening hook of “The Mission” with its wink to Loverboy (which amazingly works and makes the classic rock number not suck simply by its association to such a great new song), to the closing crescendo of “Calamine,” Storm Watch is, simply put, flawless.  2014 has given us the debuts from two incredibly brilliant new bands; the first in Beach Slang and the second in Shallow Cuts.  Storm Watch is a must for fans of ridiculously catchy rock/punk/power pop and one of the best records of the year.

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