Thursday, September 04, 2014

Album Review: ‘Report’ by The Copyright

Title:  Report (Amazon, iTunes, Interpunk)
Artist:  The Copyrights (Facebook, Twitter, BandCamp,, Wikipedia)

The Copyrights’ sixth full-length album Report is nothing short of brilliant.  The Carbondale, IL quartet has been knocking out some of the best pop punk around since 2002 and after 12 years it’s safe to say that this band has not only gotten better with age but perfected the genre.  Pop punk can be a tricky genre.  Often bands are just doing their best to channel and/or emulate the Ramones or Screeching Weasel or Alkaline Trio or the like, to varying degrees of success.  At its core, pop punk is a very simple genre -- songs that are generally under three minutes and follow the formula laid out by Chuck Berry and the Beach Boys (and kicked into high gear by the Ramones).  Most bands don’t do a lot to take that formula and make it their own; this is not the case with The Copyrights.  With a sound that is distinctive and Midwestern, driven by great hooks and spot on harmonies, The Copyrights have done what so few have been able to do before them -- take the genre of pop punk and make it their own.  With so many pop punk bands one can easily draw comparisons to other acts, but not The Copyrights.  The closest comparisons one can make to the boys from Carbondale are fellow Illinois natives The Methadones and one of the most criminally underrated bands of the 1990s, Sinkhole.  Report opens with a whisper that turns into a roar in “Slider” and never lets up from there.  Each song is filled with infectious hooks, catchy choruses, and cleverly poignant lyrics that are guaranteed to have you bopping along (and if not then there is something seriously wrong with you).  From top to bottom this is a perfect record and easily one of the best of 2014 (and one of the best ever in the genre).  If you are a fan of pop punk and have yet to experience The Copyrights, then make it a priority to pick up a copy of Report, you won’t be sorry that you did.  

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