Monday, June 30, 2014

On the Fringes Podcast 6/30

Here's the tracklisting and podcast link to this week's episode of One the Fringes.  Also please check out the 24/7 version of On the Fringes here.

01.  "Punk Or Lust" by Beach Slang (from Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?)
02.  "Fountain and Medicine" by Lilac Daze (from Sedated)
03.  "Tonight Ain't Gonna Be No Good" by Lucero (from That Much Further West)
04.  "Serious Things" by Cayetana (from Nervous Like Me)
05.  "Hold Fast" by Banner Pilot (from Souvenir)
06.  "Pretend We're Dead" by L7 (from Bricks Are Heavy)
07.  "Solider's Requiem" by Naked Raygun (from Jettison)
08.  "I'm Old" by Edmonton (from Walk It Off)
09.  "Standing By Yourself" by 7 Seconds (from Leave A Light On)
10.  "Back Seat" by Terminus City (from Justice Isn't Always Fair)
11.  "Let's Get Old" by Ex Friends (from Rules For Making Up Words)
12.  "Alone In Memphis" by Austin Lucas (from Stay Reckless)
13.  "The Only Thing" by The Hold Steady (from Teeth Dream)
14.  "Need You Around" by Smoking Popes (from Born to Quit)
15.  "Anyone Can Do It" by The Fingers (from Losers Take All)
16.  "Rollin' And Tumblin'" by The Gaslight Anthem (from Get Hurt)
17.  "Mary" by The Pavers (from Wrecking Ball)
18.  "Seventeener (17th And 37th)" by The Lawrence Arms (from Metropole)
19.  "Good Things" by The Friday Prophets (from Bits & Pieces)
20.  "Addiction" by Tilt (from Been Where? Did What?)
21.  "Sally, I've Been Shot" by Two Cow Garage (from Sweet Saint Me)
22.  "Ugly" by Violent Femmes (from Violent Femmes [Deluxe Edition] Disc 1)
22.  "How The Turntables" by Mosey Jones (from Spinning)
23.  "Another Night" by One Man Army (from Last Word Spoken)
24.  "Runner" by Re-Volts (from Re-Volts)
25.  "Amazing Grace" by Cheap Girls (from Famous Graves)
26.  "Slow Fade Pictures" by Teenage Fanclub (from Man Made)
27.  "Your Revolution Song" by Mark Lind & The Unloved (from The Truth Can Be Brutal)
28.  "Over It" by Dinosaur Jr. (from Farm)
29.  "Waisting Away" by Direct Hit! (from Direct Hit! / The Priceduifkes Split)
30.  "Same Disease" by Dave Hause (from Devour)
31.  "Gave My Heart Out" by Chuck Ragan (from Till Midnight)
32.  "Michigan" by Candy Hearts (from All The Ways You Let Me Down)
33.  "Weekend Girls" by Kurt Baker (from Brand New Beat)
34.  "Think Again" by Minor Threat (from Complete Discography)
35.  "I Don't Know You Anymore" by Bob Mould (from Beauty & Ruin)
36.  "Raised in the City" by The Replacements (from Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash [Deluxe Edition])

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