Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Album Review: ‘Famous Graves’ by Cheap Girls

Title:  Famous Graves (Xtra Mile Recordings, Amazon, iTunes, Interpunk, Wikipedia)

Cheap Girls have made a name for themselves by channeling their inner ‘90s punk and indie kids.  The band’s fourth album Famous Graves is yet another top-notch collection of power pop punk indie rock anthems that sound just as at home when played next to the likes of modern acts like Candy Hearts and The Thermals as they do alongside classic acts like Superchunk and The Replacements.  Over the years the band has been compared to the likes of Dinosaur Jr. and the aforementioned Replacements but to me Cheap Girls’ closest cousin from years gone past is Buffalo Tom.  And like the Boston power trio, Cheap Girls hit you with great hooks and melodies driving heartfelt and honest lyrics that speak directly to the soul and inner teenager.  Famous Graves does not chart any new territory but it doesn’t need to.  This is a rock ‘n’ roll record driven by heart and hooks, which is exactly what Cheap Girls have been knocking out since day one.  Fans of punk, indie rock, power pop, and ‘90s revival (or nostalgia) will all find something to love on Famous Graves because it is that good.  

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