Sunday, April 06, 2014

Currently Listening

1.  “Come On Down” by Gameface (from Now Is What Matters Now)
2.  “Tumbling Dice” by The Gaslight Anthem (from The B-Sides)
3.  “Back To You” by Twin Forks (from Twin Forks)
4.  “I Feel” by Placeholder (from Seems Like There’s a Show Every Night)
5.  “I Miss You” by Candy Hearts (from I Miss You)
6.  “For All We Care” by Chuck Ragan (from Till Midnight)
7.  “Smile” by Morningside Lane (from A Fifth of Elvis)
8.  “The Answer’s No” by Kevin Seconds (from Off Stockton)
9.  “Cats” by Sinal Vessel (from Profanity)
10.  “Bombs Away” by The Shell Corporation (from Mandrake)

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