Monday, March 31, 2014

10 Questions with Bombers

Hailing from Queens, NY, Bombers plays high energy punk influence, rock ‘n’ roll.  Their latest release was the Unconditional Rough (BandCamp) single released last summer.   

This interview was conducted via email February 26 – March 3, 2014.

For more information on Bombers check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, BandCamp, MySpace, YouTube, and pages. 

Dave:  How did the band get together? 

John Oliva:  This is one is too long to explain, so I'll try to keep it short. The band formed as an idea in a backyard in Queens June 2006 between some friends of mine. I approached some old friends and wanted to create a no gimmick, straight up rock band. The original lineup had me on bass, and vocals and writing were split between myself and Sean Walsh. Sean and I, like every band, had issues finding a solid drummer. After years of fill ins and acoustic touring we finally came across "Jimmy Smiles" James Lovaglio who at the time was our pizza delivery guy at the music store we both worked at. After a few years Sean's passion had shifted to acting and so we enlisted "Sweet Dave" Schulman to play bass and I moved over to guitar and vocals. We've had this lineup, our most solid lineup since the start of 2012, and I can say it’s been a refreshing experience since then.

Dave:  What’s the story behind the name Bombers?

John:  Baseball, burgers, graffiti, fear, the list goes on. We wanted a name that represents the essence of our city from its beautiful parts to its darkest and most tragic moments.

Dave:  For those who have never heard the band, how do you describe your music?

John:  Reality rock I suppose. Punk rock a bit. I usually just say straight forward rock.

Dave Schulman:  Same here, I like to think there's something for everyone in what we do, we don't follow any sort of rules.

Dave:  You self-released the Life Support EP in 2012 and the “Unconditional Rough” single in 2013.  What made you decide to go the self-release direction instead of working with a traditional record label?

Dave:  It's not as though we wouldn't welcome a major/indie label's support but it seems only fitting that the nature of both releases being sincerely personal and heartfelt it come from a truly DIY place. We put ourselves emotionally and financially into those tracks, they're kind of unmitigated open letters.

James:  We really just had so many new songs with this line up that were unrecorded and we wanted to get them out there and show people what we've been working on, we also had our own vision for this record and didn't want any of that to be lost.

Dave:  Do you have any plans for a full-length?

Dave:  In short, yes. When; is another question. I will say we are writing and rehearsing new material and it's very exciting for us.

Dave:  Do you have any specific type of songwriting process?

Dave:  I suppose most bands have a formula similar to ours. John usually has a general idea and structure, maybe some riffs and a chorus. We get together and flesh out our parts within John's structure under his general direction to come to a product we essentially all stand behind. We all bring something unique to the table.

James:  Yeah, I feel that some of our best parts have come from spontaneous moments of just reading each other well and just understanding the vibe of a song.

Dave:  What are your thoughts on the music scene in New York?

Dave:  I'm constantly at shows, it's crazy the amount of talent here.

James:  There are just so many amazing bands out here that don’t get the recognition or credit they deserve. Bands that I hope to share the stage with. Artists who inspire me to keep playing.

Dave:  This is a High Fidelity inspired question.  What are your top five favorite bands, albums, movies, television programs, books/authors? 

Dave:  Questions like this are so hard to answer. I will say this, I learned how to play bass listening to Alkaline Trio and my all-time favorite band is The Lawrence Arms. True Detective is redefining television, RIP Breaking Bad. The Psychopath Test is an interesting read.

James Lovaglio:  I grew up playing along to my 3 favorite albums that I bought on cassette. Nirvana-Nevermind, Weezer- Blue Album and Green Day-Dookie. Everyday I would sit with a boombox next to my drums just blasting these tapes trying to learn how to play drums. As far as tv all you need to know is Breaking Bad and Its always sunny. I hear good things about True Detective, but the good things I hear involve the undressed naked lady body. Always a fan of that. As far as authors go, I really like what hugh Hefner has put out over the years.

John:  For me it's Thin Lizzy, old misfits, 70's punk/rock and roll. But I love all kinds of stuff from NIN to Nas, Cave In to Judas Priest. TV- yanks, the wire, true detective, sopranos reruns, real housewives of Beverly Hills lol. That's pretty much all I watch. For authors, I can't say I have a favorite at the moment, but for films, Ridley Scott, Farrely Bros and Gary Oldman is my fav actor by far.

Dave:  What’s next for the band? 

Dave:  making lots of noise, not stopping any time soon.

Dave:  Any final thoughts? 

John:  I'm sure we'll have some when our final moment comes...

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