Sunday, January 26, 2014

Great Band Alert: Timeshares

Hailing from Oneonta, NY (or Downstate, NY depending on which website you are reading), Timeshares is a killer punk rock band that mixes big hooks, great choruses, dual vocals (one on the gravelly side), and passionate high energy.  The result is nothing short of awesome.  Timeshares is the kind of band that mixes all of the best elements of punk rock—a bit of Hot Water Music here, a smidge of Dillinger Four there, a pinch of The Loved Ones, a dash of Naked Raygun, and a hint of ALL, mixed together just right.   

Since forming in 2009, Timeshares has released one EP, two splits, and one full-length record (2011’s brilliant Bearable).  Fans of bands like Iron Chic; Red City Radio; Nobody, Ever; Luther; Smoke or Fire; Off With Their Heads; or any of the aforementioned bands need to give Timeshares a listen.  You’ll thank me later. 

For more information on Timeshares check out their Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, BandCamp, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, MySpace, and pages.

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