Monday, November 11, 2013

EP Review: Shocking

Title:  Shocking (Chunksaah Records, iTunes, Interpunk)
Artists:  The Bouncing Souls (Official, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace,, AllMusic, Wikipedia) / The Menzingers (Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, MySpace,, AllMusic, Wikipedia)

The Bouncing Souls and The Menzingers have joined forces for a killer four song split EP.  Each band brought a new song and a cover of one of each other’s songs to the table resulting in a high energy EP of four fantastic punk rock anthems.  The two original songs are classic Bouncing Souls and Menzingers material, but often when bands do splits like this that include covers of each other’s songs, that is what people (or at least me) get excited about.  Needless to say, both bands completely deliver the goods.  The Bouncing Souls take on The Menzingers’ “Burn After Writing” from last year’s excellent On the Impossible Past while The Menzingers do “Kate is Great” from The Bouncing Souls’ 1997 self-titled classic.  Both bands do a tremendous job in making the songs their own while keeping the soul of the original versions in tact.  Overall this is an exceptionally fun release and one of the best EP’s of 2013.

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