Thursday, November 21, 2013

Currently Listening

1.  “Witchita Skyline” by Drag the River (from Drag the River)
2.  “True Miserable Experience” by Iron Chic (from The Constant One)
3.  “We All Fall Apart” by Street Dogs (from Crooked Drunken Sons)
4.  “Ich bin Ausländer und Spreche Nicht Gut Deutsch” by Teenage Bottlerocket (from American Deutsch Bag)
5.  “Always Knew” by Save Ends (from Warm Hearts, Cold Hands)
6.  “Stars & Gutters” by Two Cow Garage (from The Death of the Self-Preservation Society)
7.  “Not Your Savior” by Swingin’ Utters (from Stuck in a Cirlce)
8.  “College Towns” by Luke Dowler (from West)
9.  “The World Is Ending (No One Cares)” by Direct Hit! (from Brainless God)
10.  “So I Buy” by Polar Bear Club (from Death Chorus)

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