Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Album Review: The Constant One

Title:  The Constant One (Bridge Nine Records, BandCamp [Bridge Nine], Amazon, iTunes, Interpunk)

Iron Chic’s latest album The Constant One is an emotionally cathartic record of mid-tempo melodic punk rock anthems.  Iron Chic mixes elements of pop punk, melodic hardcore, post hardcore, Midwestern punk, power pop, and 90s indie rock so beautifully and perfectly that it makes their music almost hard to describe.  There are big hooks, sing-a-long choruses, a great pop sensibility, and heart-on-the-sleeve lyrics that should appeal to a wide variety of fans.  In a way this record is kind of hard to review because it is really, really, REALLY freaking good.  Honestly everything this band has done has been great and The Constant One is no different.   

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