Sunday, November 10, 2013

Album Review: Bound for Glory

Title:  Bound for Glory (Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby)

Green Corn Revival’s sophomore full-length Bound For Glory is an impressively diverse record.  Primarily known for playing Red Dirt country, GCR has put together a record that mixes elements of gospel, roots rock, funk, and goth rock (with a hint of Hawaiian guitar for good measure) and does so with an ease and grace that makes these seemingly divergent styles sound perfectly natural together on the same album (and often in the same song).  One of this band’s strongest suits is the vocals.  Lead singer’s Jared Deck’s southern and soulful croon harmonizes beautifully with keyboardist Jacy Deck’s and Cora Gutel’s backing vocals, resulting in a band that packs one hell of a punch with their pipes.  Bound For Glory is a fascinating record that defies categorization and dares the listener to only listen once.  I for one an extremely impressed.  

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