Saturday, October 12, 2013

EP Review: My Aim Is You

Title:  My Aim Is You (Amazon, iTunes, Interpunk)

7 Seconds started playing hardcore punk rock over 30 years ago in Reno, NV.  Since then the band has gone through numerous lineup changes, a few stylistic changes, and multiple record labels (including a short stint on a major).  The title track to My Aim Is You is an excellent melodic hardcore with sing-along choruses number that picks up where their last two records’ 1999’s Good to Go and 2005’s Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over left off.  The EP’s other track “Slogan on a Shirt” is another catchy tune with a big sing-along chorus but is not really a “hardcore” song at all, having more in common with the likes of Sham 69 (an early influence on the band) than Minor Threat.  Overall this is a fun EP that is a great teaser for the forthcoming full-length.   

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