Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Album Review: The Death of the Self-Preservation Society

Title:  The Death of the Self-Preservation Society (Last Chance Records, iTunes)

Two Cow Garage’s sixth full-length record The Death of the Self-Preservation Society is nothing short of rock ‘n’ roll brilliance.  Time and time again this band has proven to be a juggernaut, perfectly melding and blurring the lines between alt country, punk, college rock, indie rock, and just plain rock.  So what does that mean exactly?  Well for those who have never heard TCG, try to imagine a band that takes equal influence from the likes of The Replacements, Guided By Voices, the Ramones, Uncle Tupelo, and John Cougar Mellencamp.  In other words, this band demonstrates that great rock music is great rock music, no matter what scene you come from or what label you want to slap on it. 

The Death of the Self-Preservation Society opens with the galloping chords of “The Little Price and Johnny Toxic” perfectly setting the stage for the rest of the album with its hooks and biting lyrics.  The record is filled with stark lyrics of spot-on social commentary that capture the sad state of affairs of modern American society, like in the powerful and ironic “Annie, Get Your Gun.”  Guitarist Micah Schnabel and bassist Shane Sweeney both take on lead vocal duties each with their own unique voice and vision.  Adding a nice touch, Cheap Girls’ Ian Graham sings a verse on the already excellent “Stars & Gutters.”  From start to finish, this is an outstanding record and easily, easily one of the best of 2013 (and pretty much guaranteed to be in my top 5 of the year) and on top of that, this is probably Two Cow Garage’s best album to date.  So do yourself a favor and go get this record right now because not only is a killer record by an excellent band, they are also super nice guys.  


Evan Lemley said...

I got the new TCG album about a month ago for participating in their Indiegogo campaign and have been rocking since! I think each new album outdoes the previous one for TCG. BTW I am in Oklahoma too. First time I saw TCG and met Micah I had to ask about the opening line about OKC in Bastards and Bridesmaids, have you heard that story?

Dave said...

No but I've wondered. They opened with that song a few months ago when they played at The Conservatory. Man that was a great show! What's the story behind that lyric?

Evan Lemley said...

I guess when TCG showed up for first show at Conservatory (not sure when this was) this was in the back of the Conservatory... a group of leathered-up kids approached them as if they would take all of their equipment, but it was all talk. I think TCG basically ignored them and loaded in their equipment, but the kids kept up the talk and of course did nothing. It made enough of an impression that it went into the song, along with the line about some long dead forgotten scene, but Micah agreed that was not true now!

Greg Brown said...

I have all six albums now, and my son and I tried to order them in terms of excellence. Can't be done; all are awesome. And If you haven't seen them live, quit depriving yourself!