Monday, September 30, 2013

Album Review: Bullfighter

Title:  Bullfighter (BandCamp, Death to False Hope Records)

Bloomington, IN’s Wringer has put together a killer full-length debut in Bullfighter.  The band plays ridiculously high energy and catchy punk rock that mixes elements of pop, street, 77, and Midwestern punk.  In other words, this record sounds like it was recorded by a band that grew up on and thoroughly studied the catalogues of Lookout, TKO, Fat, Cruz, and Dr. Strange Records.  On any given song you can hear hints of everything from Swingin’ Utters to Avail to Off With Their Heads to ALL to Pegboy to Sinkhole to The Truents to The Riverdales.  Seriously this band has done their homework and has masterfully blended together all of the best elements that punk rock has to offer.  Hopefully the folks over at Red Scare or Fat will pick up Wringer because this is exactly the kind of record that should be huge with the punk rockers.  Fans of Masked Intruder, Mixtapes, Elway, NOFX, The Copyrights, Teenage Bottlerocket or any of the aforementioned bands need to go and download Bullfighter right now.    

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