Friday, September 27, 2013

Album Review: Almost Nothing

Title:  Almost Nothing (BandCamp, Irrelevant Recordings)
Artist:  Places To Hide (Facebook, BandCamp)

Almost Nothing sounds like a punky ode to the noiser indie rock of the 1990s with a side of slightly angular post hardcore thrown in for good measure.  Places To Hide has done a masterful job of mixing the off-kilter with the catchy resulting in a sound that is equal parts Archers of Loaf and Hot Water Music.  The album’s best moment are the ones that let the hooks drive the songs (see “Self Preservation,” “Love Song,” and Ayscough St.”).  Almost Nothing is a fascinating listen by a band that taken some of the lesser known elements of well known influences (relatively speaking) and developed a sound that is unique and familiar all at the same time.

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