Wednesday, August 07, 2013

EP Review: True Trans

Title:  True Trans (Amazon, iTunes, Wikipedia)
Artist:  Against Me! (Official, Facebook, MySpace,, AllMusic, Wikipedia)

Against Me!’s latest EP True Trans is a return to their folk punk beginnings with two beautifully painful acoustic songs.  Both songs deal with issues of identity, image, self-worth, dignity, and living up to other people’s standards.  This is the band’s first release since lead singer/guitarist Laura Jane Grace came out as a transsexual and is one of their most emotionally powerful records to date.  I am rather new to the Against Me! experience, having finally heard the band in 2010 when I picked up their album White Crosses (which I loved).  I’ve gone back and listened to most of the band’s catalog but White Crosses stayed my favorite.  That was until I heard True Trans.  This EP is truly exceptional and I cannot wait for theie up-coming full-length.  

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