Sunday, August 04, 2013

Album Review: Three Chords And A Half Truth

Title:  Three Chords And A Half Truth (Amazon, iTunes, Interpunk, Wikipedia)

In the mid 1990s Face To Face was the band that almost made it big.  They had a minor hit with their song “Disconnected” but after that they were ignored by the popular culture and eventually left the major label arena, returning to the indies.  Eventually Face To Face called it a day, but then a few years later decided to give it another go.  Three Chords And A Half Truth is the band’s first post-reunion full-length and is pretty much what one would expect.  Face To Face’s sound has always been one of pop punk that flirts with melodic hardcore, much like Gameface (in other words imagine a band that listened to primarily the Descendents and Dag Nasty in high school).  From the opening chords of Three Chords… Face To Face shows that they still know how to write some catchy and melodic tunes.  Face To Face has always worn their influences on their sleeve, tapping bands that they love for inspiration and the occasion lyric or riff (amazingly they are able to do this without sounding like rip-off artists at all).  For example “Right As Rain” is probably the best song Social Distortion never wrote, while “Across State Lines” sounds like a direct descendant of The Rolling Stones’ “Street Fighting Man” and “Jinxproof” sounds like and ode to Guided By Voices.  Other standout moments include “Bright Lights Go Down,” “Flat Black,” and “Smokestacks And Skyscrapers.”  Overall Three Chords And A Half Truth is a strong showing and one that should please fans of the band and genre.  


Otter Limits said...

Actually, 2011's Laugh Now Laugh Later is their first post-reunion fill-length.

Dave said...

I stand corrected. That's what happens when I write a review without internet access to verify stuff (I wrote this last night while the web was out). :-P Thanks for the heads up on that mistake.