Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ranking the Albums: ALL / Descendents Redux

A few years ago I put together the post Ranking the Albums: ALL / Descendents, but as it turns out, I forgot a couple of releases in that list.  This time around I will do one list that includes both bands’ discographies (since they are basically the same band) and separate lists for each band.  Also if you asked me to make this list a year from now, the order could be slightly different.

1.  ‘Merican
2.  I Don’t Want To Grow Up
3.  Cool To Be You
4.  Milo Goes to College
5.  Enjoy!
6.  ALL
7.  Everything Sucks
8.  Bonus Fat

1.  Breaking Things
2.  Allroy Sez
3.  Percolater
4.  Problematic
5.  Allroy’s Revenge
6.  Allroy for Prez
7.  Mass Nerder
8.  Pummel
9.  New Girl, Old Story
10.  Allroy Saves

Complete Discography
1.  Breaking Things
2.  Allroy Sez
3.  Percolater
4.  ‘Merican
5.  I Don’t Want To Grow Up
6.  Cool To Be You
7.  Milo Goes to College
8.  Problematic
9.  Allroy’s Revenge
10.  Allroy for Prez
11.  Mass Nerder
12.  Enjoy!
13.  ALL
14.  Everything Sucks
15.  Bonus Fat
16.  Pummel
17.  New Girl, Old Story
18.  Allroy Saves

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