Sunday, July 14, 2013

On the Fringes Extra (7/13) Setlist & Podcast

We did an extra episode of On the Fringes this morning.  Check out the setlist and podcast below.

  1. “Walk Together, Rock Together” by 7 Seconds (from Walk Together, Rock Together)
  2. “Punk Rock Teeth” by 7 Seconds (from The Music, the Message)
  3. “Queen of the Anarchists” by Great Cynics (from Like I Belong)
  4. 14 Coleman St” by Great Cynics (from In the Valley)
  5. “One in the Morning” by Lipstick Homicide (from Isn't It Glorious)
  6. “Like This Forever” by Lipstick Homicide (from Out Utero)
  7. “Do You Pray” by Chuck Ragan (from Feast or Famine)
  8. “For Goodness Sake” by Chuck Ragan (from Gold Country)
  9. “For Broken Ears” by Chuck Ragan & Dave Hause (recorded live @ CJLO for Sonics Season)
  10. “Meet Me at the Lanes” by Dave Hause (from Resolutions)
  11. “Another Town” by Dave Hause (from Resolutions 7")
  12. "Youth Wasted" by The Bronx (from The Bronx IV)
  13. "White Guilt" by The Bronx (from The Bronx)
  14. "Haven't Got a Clue" by Dramarama (from Vinyl)
  15. "Scenerio" by Dramarama (from Cinema Verite)
  16. “The Other Side of Lonesome” by Lucero (from Texas & Tennessee EP)
  17. “Watch It Burn” by Lucero (from Nobody's Darlings)
  18. “Don't Let the Bastards Bring You Down” by Hudson Falcons (from Dancing Underneath the Moonlight)
  19. “Drinkin' with the Band” by Hudson Falcons (from Desire to Burn)Hudson Falcons (from Desire to Burn)
  20. "Hey Dennis" by Jon Snodgrass (from Tri-State Record)
  21. "Not That Rad" by Jon Snodgrass (from Visitor's Band)
  22. "Baby, I'm an Anarchist" by Against Me! (from Reinventing Axl Rose)
  23. "I Was a Teenage Anarchist" by Against Me! (from White Crosses)
  24. "Once We Were Anarchists" by Frank Turner (from Sleep is for the Week)
  25. "Four Simple Words" by Frank Turner (from Tape Deck Heart)
  26. "Easy Street" by Soul Asylum (from And The Horse They Road In On)
  27. "Sometime to Return" by Soul Asylum (from Hang Time)
  28. "Boxcar" by Jawbreaker (from 24 Hour Revenge Therapy)
  29. "Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault" by Jawbreaker (from Dear You)
  30. "Chasing Heather Crazy" by Guided By Voices (from Isolation Drills)
  31. "Teenage FBI" by Guided By Voices (from Wish In One Hand)
  32. "I Don't Believe You" by The Thermals (from Personal Life)
  33. "We Were Alive" by The Thermals (from Now We Can See)
  34. "The Temptation of St. Anthony" by Alkaline Trio (from My Shame Is True [Deluxe Edition])
  35. "Warbrain" by Alkaline Trio (from Remains)
  36. "No Control" by Bad Religion (from No Control)
  37. "Los Angeles is Burning" by Bad Religion (from The Empire Strikes First)

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