Thursday, July 04, 2013

Oklahoma Lefty Radio (7/4) Setlist & Podcast

Here’s this week’s edition of Oklahoma Lefty Radio, check out the setlist and podcast below.  Let me give you fair warning though…I had issues.  Thankfully Steve from The Otter Limits stopped by to save my floundering bippy.

  1. “Rip It Up!” by The Tight Bros From Way Back When (from Runnin' Thru My Bones)
  2. “Maverick” by Teenage Bottlerocket (from Freak Out!)
  3. “For All to See” by Buffalo Tom (from No Alternative)
  4. “Ghost on the Boardwalk” by Dave Hause (from Time Will Tell)
  5. “Shine On” by Son Volt (from Honky Tonk)
  6. “Letting Go” by Great Cynics (from Like I Belong)
  7. “Mary” by The Pavers (from Wrecking Ball)
  8. “Beware Heather Sinclair” by Lawnmower (from Whack Yer Brain)
  9. “I Held Her in My Arms” by Violent Femmes (from Blind Leading the Naked)
  10. “Everywhere I Go” by Caitlin Rose (from The Stand-In)
  11. "Century" by Traindodge (from Supernatural Disasters)
  12. “I Can't Seem to Tell” by The Menzingers (from On the Impossible Past)
  13. “Jen, With 2 N's” by Worship This! (from Tomorrow, I'll Miss You)
  14. “Graveyard Shift” by Uncle Tupelo (from No Depression [Bonus Tracks])
  15. “Blue Dahlia” by The Gaslight Anthem (from Handwritten [Deluxe Version])
  16. “Abducted by Nazis in Hollywood” by The Staggers (from One Heartbeat Away from Hell)
  17. “That's Not Me” by Higley (from That's Not Me)
  18. “This Time” by Courtney Marie Andrews (from On My Page)
  19. “Drivin' Thru My Heart” by The Donnas (from Turn 21)
  20. “Head On” by Pixies (from Trompe Le Monde)
  21. “So Happy For You” by Lipstick Homicide (from Out Utero)
  22. “Overtime” by D.O.A. (from Loggerheads)
  23. “Average” by Armstrong (from Dick: The Lion Hearted)
  24. “Magazines” by The Hold Steady (from Stay Positive)
  25. “Spanish Reds” by Banner Pilot (from Hearts Beat Pacific)
  26. “Someday I Suppose” by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones (from Ska-Core, the Devil and More)
  27. “Salad Days” by Minor Threat (from Complete Discography)

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