Saturday, July 20, 2013

Album Review: Memory Loss

Title:  Memory Loss (BandCamp, Scaredy Cat Records)
Artist:  The Radio Reds (Official, Facebook, Twitter, BandCamp, ReverbNation, Big Cartel,

The Radio Reds’ full-length debut Memory Loss is as much an ode to the underground rock ‘n’ roll of the past 30 years as it is an expression of the underground’s future.  With a sound that is nearly impossible to nail down to any one genre or sub-genre, what is crystal clear is that this is a band that is steeped in music history.  Right from the outset Memory Loss hits you with its power and its patience.  These songs are determined but not burdened with an abundance of urgency and that is not an easy feat to pull off.  While the record is full of energy, it’s not in a rush.  Each song is like a single resolute step on a long journey.  As with their previous releases, The Radio Reds have put together a records that is as unique as it is familiar and well worth checking out (and multiple listens to let how good it is really sink in).

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