Thursday, June 20, 2013

Oklahoma Lefty Radio: All Okie Edition (6/20) Setlist & Podcast

Here is the setlist for today’s all Oklahoma edition of Oklahoma Lefty Radio, brought to you by Common Ground Media.  You can list to the show here or below. 

1.  “Bloodstorm” by Chainsaw Kittens (from Violent Religion)
2.  “High in High School” by Chainsaw Kittens (from Flipped Out in Singapore)
3.  “We are the Son's of Woody Guthrie” by Red City Radio (from To the Son's and Daughter's of Woody Guthrie)
4.  “Captioned for the Hearing Impaired” by Red City Radio (from The Dangers of Standing Still)
5.  “Hero” by The Nixons (from Six [EP])
6.  “Cookie Jar” by Barnyard Slut (from Space Age Motel)
7.  “I Don't Really Want To Be Social” by Broncho (from Can't Get Passed the Lips)
8.  “Disease Storm” by Traindodge (from Supernatural Disasters)
9.  “Doctor” by Anna Kinder (from The Process)
10.  “Seeing the World” by Skating Polly (from Taking Over the World)
11.  “Raised That Way” by Euclid Crash (from FMO)
12.  “Girl Talk” by Euclid Crash (from Nice People NMF Preview)
13.  “Misconstrued” by Wakeland (from To See The Sun)
14.  “Half of You” by Wakeland (from Magnetic)
15.  “Fly” by Cady Groves (from The Life of a Pirate)
16.  “Home” by OK SWEETHEART (from Home)
17.  “Bus Driver Song” by Blaster (from Blaster)
18.  "Somewhere All the Time" by Samantha Crain (from Kid Face)
19.  “Ethan” by Mike Williams (from Okie Tone Mixtape, Vol. 2)
20.  “Living a Lie” by Mike Williams (from Living a Lie / 12-18-09)
21.  “I'll Get By” by Mike Williams (from Landlocked EP)
22.  “Paper” by They Stay Dead (from They Stay Dead)
23.  “Betray” by They Stay Dead (from Cursed)
24.  “Trains, Brains & Rain” by The Flaming Lips (from Here It Is)
25.  “Unconsciously Screamin'” by The Flaming Lips (from In A Priest Driven Ambulance)
26.  "Blues & Kudzu" by John Moreland (from In The Throes)
27.  “Christian Rock” by John Moreland (from Everything the Hard Way)
28.  “Blacklist” by John Moreland (from In The Throes)
29.  “Avalon” by John Moreland (from Earthbound Blues)
30.  “The Game” by Roustabouts (from The Only One)
31.  “Led By Misleading” by Roustabouts (from EP)
32.  “Heart is Gone” by Roustabouts (from The Only One)

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Otter Limits said...

I saw the band Barnyard Slut once at the Tigers Den in Noble. The thing that stood out to me most what their cover of the song "Angel of Morning." It was pretty cool.

Mike Williams is good. I played a track of his on last night's show. I played the song "Fall From Grace" from his Landlocked EP.

John Moreland, musically, can do no wrong. "Avalon" is perhaps one of the best songs in human history.

Dave said...

Barnyard Slut's cover of "Angel of the Morning" is amazing.