Thursday, June 27, 2013

Oklahoma Lefty Radio 6/27 Setlist & Podcast

Here’s this week’s episode’s setlist and you can listen below.  Hope you enjoy it.

1.  She's My Ex by ALL (from Allroy's Revenge) 
2.  Pep Talk by Descendents (from All)
3.  Raised in the City by The Replacements (from Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash [Deluxe Edition])
4.  It's a Wonderful Lie by Paul Westerberg (from Suicaine Gratification)
5.  One Man Mutiny by Tommy Stinson (from One Man Mutiny)
6.  Never Aim to Please by Bash & Pop (from Friday Night is Killing Me)
7.  Getting Older/Losing Touch by The Methadones (from This Won't Hurt)
8.  Good Enough by Dan Vapid and The Cheats (from Dan Vapid and The Cheats)
9.  Behold the Hurricane by The Horrible Crowes (from Elsie)
10.  Wherefore Art Though Elvis by The Gaslight Anthem (from Senor and the Queen)
11.  Fine Foods Market by Tim Barry (from 40 Miler)
12.  Fifth Wheel by Avail (from Over the James [Bonus Tracks])
13.  Scissor Runner by Jenny & Johnny (from I'm Having Fun Now)
14.  Rise Up with Fists!! by Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins (from Rabbit Fur Coat)
15.  Catching by 7 Seconds (from Praise)
16.  Forever Try by Kevin Seconds (from Don't Let Me Lose Ya)
17.  Live Forever by The Ducky Boys (from Dead End Streets)
18.  So She Says by Mark Lind & The Unloved (from The Truth Can Be Brutal)
19.  Rebound by Sebadoh (from Bakesale)
20.  Almost Ready by Dinosaur Jr. (from Beyond)
21.  Meet You in the Middle by Chuck Ragan (from Covering Ground)
22.  Paid In Full by Hot Water Music (from Exister)
23.  100K by The Loved Ones (from The Loved Ones)
24.  Melanin by Dave Hause (from Resolutions)
25.  EMI by The Sex Pistols (from Never Mind the Bollocks)
26.  Covered by Public Image Ltd. (from That What Is Not)
27.  She Used to Smile by Drag the River (from Chicken Demos)
28.  With Broken Hearts by Chad Price (from Smile Sweet Face)
27.  The Hemophiliac by One Man Army (from BYO Split Series, Vol. 5)
28.  Special Professional by Dead To Me (from Cuban Ballerina)
29.  Seventeen by Red Forty (from Discography)
30.  Halfway Wrong by Lucero (from 1372 Overton Park)
31.  The Librarians Are Hiding Something by Swingin' Utters (from Poorly Formed)
32.  Might We Dance by Druglords of the Avenues (from New Drugs)
33.  No Exception by Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves (from Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves)
34.  Out of Tune by The Draft (from In a Million Pieces)

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There was no Jason Derulo or Bruno Mars. Big fuckin' fail.