Monday, May 13, 2013

Currently Listening

1.  “The Other Side of Lonesome” by Lucero (from Texas & Tennessee)
2.  “Randy’s Getting Married” by Dan Vapid & The Cheats (from The Wedding 7”)
3.  “Just Me” by Val Ventura (from Sun Down California EP)
4.  “Failure” by Arliss Nancy (from Simple Machines)
5.  “Hooray for the Holidays” by Druglords of the Avenues (from New Drugs)
6.  “Across State Lines” by Face To Face (from Three Chords and a Half Truth)
7.  “Southern Belle” by Radio Reds (from Southern Belle)
8.  “Next Five Minutes” by Plow United (from Marching Band)
9.  “Tell You Why” by The Gateway District (from Old Wild Hearts)
10.  “In My Time Alone” by Crimes (from Crimes)

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