Monday, April 29, 2013

EP Review: The Franklys

Title:  The Franklys (Official, Amazon)
Artist:  The Franklys (Official, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, SoundCloud,

The Franklys self-titled debut EP is a blast of high energy surfy pop punk.  This all-girl band from London is tight and brings a fresh voice to the genre.  What sets The Franklys apart from other bands is their inclusion of surf into the mix.  Punk and surf have a long history together, but in recent years, the beach-born genre has fallen off the radar.  This five-song EP helps shine a new light on surf; thankfully The Franklys pull it off with expert precision.  This EP is a must for fans of Agent Orange, Man or Astro-Man, The Donnas early records, and Redd Kross’ early work.      

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