Sunday, April 28, 2013

Currently Listening

1.  “Bleeder” by Alkaline Trio (from Alkaline Trio)
2.  “Young Lovers” by Alkaline Trio (from My Shame Is True [Deluxe Edition])
3.  “Pictures of You” by The Cure (from Disintegration)
4.  “Catch” by The Cure (from Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me)
5.  “Trying My Best to Love You” by Jenny Lewis (from Acid Tongue)
6.  “Melt Your Heart” by Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins (from Rabbit Fur Coat)
7.  “I Need You” by Off With Their Heads (from In Desolation)
8.  “Janie” by Off With Their Heads (from Home)
9.  “Recovery” by Frank Turner (from Tape Deck Heart [Deluxe Edition])
10.  “Substitute” by Frank Turner (from Love, Ire & Song)

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