Thursday, January 03, 2013

Currently Listening

1.  “Nothing Stays The Same” by Hot Freak Nation (from Lifetime to Lifetime)
2.  “Big Bag of Sandwiches” by Dads (from American Radass [this is important])
3.  “Attack Form” by Dead To Me (from Wait For It)
4.  “Younger Us” by Japandroids (from Celebration Rock)
5.  “Any Minute” by One Man Army (from She’s An Alarm)
6.  “Deep Sleep” by The Menzingers (from Chamberlain Waits)
7.  “Suburban Home” by Fidlar with Brian Rodriguez (from FILTER Presents: Milo Turns 50 Songs of the Descendents)
8.  “Verse Chorus Verse” by Nirvana (from No Alternative)
9.  “Emergency! Emergency!” by The Promise Ring (from Very Emergency)
10.  “Steam of Hercules” by Bob Mould (from Silver Age)

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