Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Album Review: Where Dreamers Never Go

Title:  Where Dreamers Never Go (BandCamp [The Trashed Romeos], Trashy Creatures Records, BandCamp [Trashy Creatures])
Artist:  The Trashed Romeos (Facebook, BandCamp, ReverbNation, Last.fm, Trashy Creatures Records)

Boasting members of Tiger High and Lucero, The Trashed Romeos have taken the spirit of 1960's rock and soul and funneled it through the musical heritage of their hometown Memphis, TN.  Where Dreamers Never Go could have easily been released in the ‘60's and played along side the likes of The Beatles, The Kinks, Ray Charles, and Otis Redding.  In fact, this record sounds like the perfect marriage of southern soul and the British Invasion.  One thing The Trashed Romeos are not is a purely nostalgia act.  The influence of the kind of rock ‘n’ roll that dominates the playlists of oldies radio is obvious but what makes this band and this record great is their ability to take those classic sounds and give them a modern voice.  This is great, great stuff.    

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