Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Great and Alert: Lipstick Homicide

Photo borrowed from band's website.
Hailing from Coralville, Iowa, Lipstick Homicide is a killer three piece pop punk band fronted by Rachel Feldmann on bass and vocals with Kate Kane on guitar and vocals and Big Luke Ferguson on drums.  The band plays insanely catchy and fun pop punk in the vein of Masked Intruder and The Eyeliners.  I stumbled upon them today on YouTube while looking for videos by Masked Intruder and on the side under Suggestions I saw a video of Lipstick Homicide’s song “We’ll Be Okay” from The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore comp.  I decided to give it a listen and was instantly hooked.  I subsequently Googled the band and downloaded everything on their BandCamp page.

Lipstick Homicide is the kind of band that would have fit in perfectly in the hey day of Lookout Records or on today’s Red Scare Industries.  Fans of pop punk NEED to give this band a listen; I think you’ll love what you hear. 

For more information on Lipstick Homicide check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, BandCamp, ReverbNation, and Last.fm pages.

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