Monday, December 31, 2012

Currently Listening

1.  “All the Same to Me” by Lucero (from Nobody’s Darling)
2.  “Ain’t So Lonely” by Lucero (from Tennessee)
3.  “Wait For It” by Dead To Me (from Wait For It)
4.  “Corporations” by Dead To Me (from Under the Influence, Vol. 16)
5.  “Answering Machine” by The Replacements (from Let It Be [Deluxe Edition])
6.  “I’ll Be You” by The Replacements (from Don’t Tell a Soul [Expanded Edition])
7.  “Heart Shaped Guitar” by Masked Intruder (from Masked Intruder)
8.  “ADT Security” by Masked Intruder (from First Offense)
9.  “Throw It Away” by Dead North (from Dead North / Strong City Split)
10.  “Waiting” by Dead North (from Repossess This!)

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