Saturday, December 01, 2012

Currently Listening

1.  "My Tribute to the Misfits [Aka Your Sister Is a Werewolf Tonight]" by Sicko (from You're Not the Boss of Me)
2.  "Tender Comrade" by Billy Bragg (from Workers Playtime)
3.  "California Burritos [Electric Version]" by Rumbleseat (from A Walk Through The Darkness)
4.  "Spin the Black Circle" by Pearl Jam (from Vitalogy)
5.  "Right On Time" by The Bomb (from Torch Songs)
6.  "Libel" by Tilt (from 'Til It Kills)
7.  "Stranger Than Fiction" by Bad Religion (from Stranger Than Fiction)
8.  "Rankers & Rotters" by Dave Hause (from Resolutions)
9.  "I Apologize" by Husker Du (from New Day Rising)
10.  "For Seeking Heat" by Swervedriver (from Mezcal Head)

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