Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Album Review: This Is The End Of Control

Title:  This Is The End Of Control (Amazon, iTunes, AllMusic, Wikipedia)

Cherri Bomb is a young (ages 14-17) all-girl band that mixes elements of punk and glam rock.  The band's full-length debut is an extremely well executed album that displays a maturity one wouldn't expect from a group of teenagers.  Both musically and lyrically This Is The End Of Control shows a depth of songwriting and musicianship that isn't often seen in young bands.  Cherri Bomb's sound is large and slick (in a good way) that is very reminiscent of The Donnas' later work.  There really isn't anything devastatingly new going on here but this isn't a sound that one doesn't (or at least a sound that I don't) hear that often nowadays.  It also doesn't hurt that Cherri Bomb is a tight, tight band that wails.  Fans of Lita Ford, The Runaway, and the aforementioned Donnas should definitely give Cheeri Bomb a listen.

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