Saturday, December 08, 2012

Album Review: Catacombs After Party

Title:  Catacombs After Party (BandCamp [Tiger High], Trash Creatures Records, BandCamp [Trashy Creatures], Insound)

Tiger High’s sophomore full-length Catacombs After Party picks up exactly where their debut (which was also released this year) Myth Is This left off with 12 songs of fuzzy, shoegazer-y, psychedelic indie rock ala The Jesus & Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine.  The biggest difference between the two records is the lack of the wall of sound on Catacombs.  That’s not to say that the record doesn’t still owe a huge debt to the work of Phil Spector, because it does.  What’s different here is that the effects are used more to enhance the songs instead of drive the songs.  The Jesus & Mary Chain went through this same kind of evolution over the years and it worked as well then as it does now.  In other words, this is great stuff.  The songs are catchy and wispy and surfy and have a fantastic sense of melody and pop hooks.  The record’s standout moment is probably the incredibly fun “”Leave It Alone” but the entire record is really good.  Fans of R.M. Hendrix, Mean Tom, Easter Island, La Sera, Eux Autres, or classic acts like Chapterhouse and the aforementioned Jesus & Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine really need to give Tiger High a listen.  

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