Monday, November 05, 2012

How I Will Vote Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Tuesday November 6th, is the big day.  The day on which the people of this nation get to voices their opinions at the ballot for the next President of the United States, among other things.  While I have shied away from writing about politics on this blog, I figured that I would continue the tradition of laying out how I will vote on election day.

President of the United States
Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney
My Vote:  Undecided (I will either leave it blank or vote for Romney.)

United States House of Representatives District 04
Tom Cole vs. Donna Marie Bebo vs. RJ Harris
My Vote:  RJ Harris

Cleveland County Sheriff
Joe Lester vs. Kelly Owings
My Vote:  Undecided (Lester is the current sheriff and seems to have done a good job, but I really know nothing about him or his opponent.)

Cleveland county Court Clerk
Rhonda Hall vs. Mitchell Slemp
My Vote:  Undecided (Like the sheriff's race, I know nothing about either candidate.)

State Questions --  If you’re looking for more information on this years state questions, please check out Steve’s post Oklahoma State Questions 2012 - Part Three and’s 2012 State Questions page.

SQ 758: Reduce Property Tax Valuation Cap
My Vote:  Undecided (Learning towards no.)

SQ 759: Ban Affirmative Action
My Vote:  No

SQ 762: Remove the governor from the parole process for nonviolent offenses
My Vote:  Yes

SQ 764: $300M bonding authority in case of water and sewage treatment loan defaults
My Vote:  Yes

SQ 765: Eliminate the Oklahoma Human Services Commission
My Vote:  No

SQ 766: Exempt intangible property from property taxes
My Vote:  Undecided (Leaning towards no.)

City of Moore Parks Improvements Election -- For more information on these questions check out the City of Moore's Parks Improvement Election page.

Proposed Temporary ¼ cent Sales Tax Project List
My Vote:  Yes

Proposed Central Moore Park G.O. Bond Project List
My Vote:  Yes

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