Thursday, November 29, 2012

EP Review: Homebound

Title:  Homebound (BandCamp)
Artist:  Like Pacific (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, BandCamp,

While going through the mass of unread posts in my Google Reader the other day, I came across a post on Dying Scene about a video being released by the band Like Pacific.  I’d never heard of the band, but what really caught my attention was that they were referred to as an “eastcore” band.  My first thought was “what in the h is easycore?”  So I headed over to Google and found that according to Urban Dictionary easycore is –

a subgenre of punk consisting of pop punk bands inspired by hardcore punk. musical characteristics include shout-backs, sing-a-longs, and positive, uplifting lyrics.

some easycore bands are: Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong, post-MTV era New Found Glory, Daggermouth, The Wonder Years, Fireworks, etc.

The entry also stated that easycore is also known as softcore which in this case means –

The music that defines the genre of emo; the opposite of hardcore (in the punk rock sense). Derived from the pornographic term, where "inappropriate" behaviors are depicted, but never viscerally, much like the music described above.

So if I am understanding things correctly here, these terms seem to refer to bands that mixed pop punk with emo.  Admittedly I’ve never listened to bands like New Found Glory, Set Your Goals, or The Wonder Years but based on the description I’m suspecting that these are bands that probably sound similar to Alkaline Trio, Jawbreaker, and/or Jimmy Eat World. 

After looking into the whole easycore thing, I decided to check out Like Pacific’s video for “Chin Up, Hogan” and I was pleasantly surprised that I actually liked it, so I headed over to the band’s BandCamp page and downloaded their latest EP Homebound.  The EP is four tight songs that really do mix elements of pop punk, emo, and hardcore.  The songs are catchy, the performances are spot on, and the production is great, making Homebound a solid EP for a talented young band.  And while I’m really not sure that there is a need to lump these bands into a different sub-genre, if this is what most easycore bands sound like then I’m probably going to need to start listening to some of these bands.

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