Friday, November 23, 2012

EP Review: Geri

Title:  Geri (Last Chance Records, Amazon, iTunes)

Two Cow Garage is simply one of the best bands around today and this Record Store Day Black Friday limited edition 7 inch EP is a shining example as to why.  On one side is the title track “Geri,” a rollicking rocker that is an instantaneous classic.  On the flip side is “Shaking An Accent” which starts of simply with singing over an acoustic guitar before the band kicks in creating the perfect song to raise and swing a class to at a Friday night party at your favorite bar. 

The fact that Two Cow Garage isn’t one of the biggest bands in America is not only a crying shame but a crime.  After five stellar albums (and a sixth that the band will begin recording in December), countless tours, and the admiration and respect of pretty much anyone who has heard their music, you’d think they’d be in the limelight next to bands like The Gaslight Anthem.  Geri is the kind of release that given the right push, could be huge.  These are two of the best songs of 2012 (especially the title track) and one of the year’s best releases.  Hands down.  

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