Saturday, November 24, 2012

EP Review: Feathered Rabbit EP

Title:  Feathered Rabbit EP (BandCamp, CD Baby, Amazon)
Artist:  Feathered Rabbit (Official, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, BandCamp, CD Baby,

Oklahoma City’s Feathered Rabbit play a dark and bluesy for of rock ‘n’ roll that walks right up to the line of being gothic and stands on it a bit but never goes over the edge.  The band’s self-titled EP is their sophomore release and shows great maturity for a band that is relatively new (having formed in 2011).  What drives this release more than anything else is Morgan Hartman’s haunting and powerful vocals.  Like a young Johnette Napolitano, Hartman’s voice can knock you over with its energy and ferocity.  I’m fact, while listing to Feathered Rabbit I couldn’t help but think of Concrete Blonde, or more accurately what Concrete Blonde would have sounded like if they had come from the south. 

Feathered Rabbit is an evocative and mysterious release that displays the vast talents of an up and coming band that it not afraid to march to the beat of a different drummer.  This is certainly a band to watch.

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