Saturday, November 24, 2012

Album Review: forgetters

Artist:  forgetters (Official, Facebook,, Wikipedia)

Forgetters’ self-titled full-length debut is a dark and moody take on punk rock that seems to draw heavily from goth artists such as Joy Division and Bauhaus.  The band consists of Blake Schwarzenbach (ex-Jawbreaker, Jets to Brazil) on vocals and guitar and Kevin Mahon (ex-Against Me!) on drums.  The album was produced by J. Robinson (ex-Jawbox, Burning Airlines) who also played bass on the record.  The sound on forgetters is dark and somber with a haunting desperation and an ominous atmosphere.  In fact it is the mood that drives this record more than anything else.  Of all of the bands over the last 30 years that have tried to claim the mantel of Joy Division and The Smiths, forgetters is the only one that could actually do it.  This band has an understated nature, which is helped by their limited presence online and the complete lack of flash and flare (and that is not a bad thing).  It will probably take me a while to fully digest this album because it is so different than what else is out there right now and that is a breath of fresh air in and of itself.  

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