Thursday, October 11, 2012

Currently Listening

1.  “Briefest Moment” by Bob Mould (from Silver Age)
2.  “Brookfield” by Drag the River (from You Can’t Live This Way)
3.  “Out of Time” by The Forty Nineteens (from No Expiration Date)
4.  “How Do I Get To You” by Masked Intruder (from Masked Intruder)
5.  “Girl” by Red Forty (from Discography)
6.  “Wrong” by Archers of Loaf (from Icky Mettle)
7.  “The Future Unfolds” by Mike Williams (from Okie Ton Mixtape, Vol. 1)
8.  “East St. Louis” by Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds (from I'd Rather Die Than Live Forever)
9.  “Get the Time” by Descendents (from Enjoy!)
10.  “Out of Tune” by The Draft (from In a Million Pieces)

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