Friday, September 14, 2012

EP Review: Pink Skin EP

Title:  Pink Skin EP (Official, SoundCloud)
Artist:  R.M. Hendrix (OfficialFacebookTwitter, MySpace, BandCamp, SoundCloud,

R.M. Hendrix returns with their second release of 2012 in Pink Skin EP (you can read my review of Summer Dresses here).  For those who have never heard R.M. Hendrix, they play fuzzy guitar drive indoe rock / power pop in the vein of The Jesus & Mary Chain.  In fact listening to Pink Skin one can't help but think of The Jesus & Mary Chain (in fact "Lipstick and Perfect Hair" is the best song the Reid brothers never wrote).  All three songs on this EP are excellent power pop numbers played through '90s style fuzz indie rock guitar.  Of all of the bands currently playing in the '90s fuzzy inspired style, R.M. Hendrix is easily one of the best.  Fans on Guided By Voices, Teenage Fanclub,  My Bloody Valentine, Catherine Wheel, and the aforementioned Jesus & Mary Chain need to give R.M. Hendrix a listen. 

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